Monday, January 18, 2010

Unveiled at Last Book Review

Reading Report Form:

Book Title: Unveiled at Last: Discover God’s Hidden Message from Genesis to Revelation

Author: Bob Sjogren

I read __160____ pages of this book.

Synopsis of content:
This book attempts to reveal the big picture of God’s purpose and our part in it. The author reveals in a new way the introduction, story line and climax of the Bible as presenting the big picture of God’s heart for the world. Mainly, that He is fulfilling His promise to Abraham to bless “all” peoples of the world and He is still doing that today through us and the Great Commission.

Significant Quotes:
p. 17 “It can be said that the Christian experiences four deaths in the process of maturing: death to self, death to family, death to country and death to humanity. And it is the final death -- death to humanity -- which enables an individual to see that the ultimate purpose of daily life is to bring glory to God.” I wonder if this is part of the “fiery trial” mentioned in I Peter 4:12 that we are suffering where Peter states, “Do not be surprised as if some strange thing is happening to you.” It also raises the question in me: How do you die to humanity and still show the love of Christ?

Some passages I thought were particularly revealing are as follows: look at the bottom line message in Genesis 12:3; God said “all”. God wanted to reach every distinct people group on the face of the earth. This means we actually have the Great Commission in Genesis 12: 1-3. This is a new way of seeing the Great Commission for me and finding this theme throughout the Bible, not just in New Testament. Hearing again that Jerusalem was in the center of the world and the records in Heaven, such as the Book of Life, the Book of Truth and the register of the peoples just revealed more to me of how strategic God is throughout time. Hearing the succinct themes: first theme, the Gospel story and second theme the Great Commission. God wants to bless us and us turn around and be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth. This helps me to know where to focus my efforts for the Kingdom and to tell all peoples about Christ. I really like this book and I would recommend it to others.

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